“Mary is a great trainer. She is very diverse in how she trains different people with different fitness goals. She is great with helping her clients get fit and trim, but my interest is regaining strength, balance and flexibility after surgery. She meets you where you are, but provides enough challenge in the routine to help you achieve your goals.”
Linda Scott, November, 2018

“Have been training with Mary for over a year now and highly recommend her for anyone looking for a new personal trainer. Mary is meticulous, thoughtful, rigorous, and resolute with each workout as well as tracking progress, taking notes during each session. Workouts range from stretching, weights, cardio, and boxing. Mary also offers nutritional advice and ‘homework’ workouts between sessions.”
Dan R., September, 2018

“Mary is an ALL-STAR and I’m proud to be able to send my clients to somene they can trust.  She connects easily to the people she trains because she’s been where they are and is now where they want to be.  Pretty good definition of a role model, in my opinion.  Thanks for all the amazing work with these athletes, Mary!”
Levi F., August , 2018

“I worked out with Mary to get in shapre for the ski season and the experience was amazing!  She tailored all my workouts to focus on the key muscle groups used in skiing (particulary my core and legs).  The workouts were fun, but I also saw significant results in just a few months.  Mary really cares about her clients, and it shows in each and every workout.”
David U., March , 2018